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The Founder of Touching Minds, Inc.

Let’s meet the CEO, Williesha Livingston, is a licensed clinical social worker. Born and raised in Miami-Dade, Williesha has overcome many obstacles in order to attain her master’s degree. Williesha became a teenage parent at 16 years old and she was often reminded that her decision to become a mother would lead to a more difficult and tumultuous life. She graduated from Miami Central high school which was a goal no one believed she would accomplish. By the time she made the choice to attend college she was a mother of four children and the struggle to live comfortably both mentally and monetarily had become challenging to say the least.  At First, she attended Miami Dade College where she earned two Associate degrees. While attending Florida International University she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Social work, furthermore, she earned her master’s degree in Social work at Barry University. She is currently enrolled at Barry University working towards earning her Doctorate’s degree in Social Work. Williesha has acquired different accolades such as the President’s Volunteer Service Award and many different certifications, a few examples being, a Cannabis Youth Treatment, Children’s Functional Assessment Rating Scale, Moral Reconation Treatment, and many more. She has been working in the field of Social Work for almost a decade during this time she has been able sharpen her prowess as a social worker. She has experience working at a local high school where she provided individual and group counseling to freshman students. To continue, she has worked as an outpatient clinician providing individual and dyadic therapy to children and families in Miami-Dade County. Williesha has had the opportunity to work at a program providing clinical and case management services to juveniles who were being supervised by the Department of Juvenile Justice. During her tenure at this program, she was able to assist numerous adolescents on their journey’s to young adulthood. Even better she was an active participant in the Multidisciplinary Treatment Teams in different capacities providing her the ability to gather what our children need to be successful in today’s society. Currently, Williesha is working with adolescents and young adults coordinating, developing, and applying support to meet their social, emotional, behavioral, medical, financial, and life skills. Williesha has the compassion, enthusiasm, and the aptitude to encourage, motivate, and improve the lives of underserved youth within her community. Consequently, all of her experiences, both negative and positive has led her to organizing a program to improve the livelihoods of not only children in her community but their families as well.

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